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Project: In December 2022, the RMG team designed and launched the first-ever Kia’s #LeadtheCharge event, which marked the beginning of a groundbreaking series, initiating a long-term partnership with us as the first agency to create and execute multicultural lifestyle events for Kia. Focused on Kia’s sustainability mission, the series aims to connect with diverse audiences and partnerships, highlighting their commitment to sustainable mobility, energy, and the planet. This collaboration extended beyond the initial event, with a beach clean-up on September 14th, 2023, and am urban farm event on December 16th, 2023, at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. These events showcase Kia’s dedication to sustainability and community engagement, with plans to continue the series in 2024.

Problem solved: As sustainable living gains traction worldwide, consumers actively seek eco-friendly choices for their homes and lifestyles, from electric cars to home gardens promoting environmental preservation and bee conservation. In this context, Kia’s dedication to sustainability stands out. By organizing community gatherings, Kia not only reaffirms its commitment to sustainability but also forges meaningful connections between its executives and current and potential multicultural consumers. These events offer Kia a unique chance to deepen relationships with diverse communities, including key figures in sustainability.

Results: The primary objective is to engage communities and impart the significance of embracing sustainable living practices. Although these efforts are designed to be boots on the ground targeting traditional media (La Opinion, Korean: MBC America, Global Grind, and Vibe, and more) the efforts garnered a total of 132k social media organic impressions.

Influencer Marketing


Project: The RMG team was contracted to spearhead an innovative 6-month influencer campaign targeting the Latino Gen Z market for McDonald’s Spotlight Dorado, a segment within a larger short documentary digital series crafted by Brilla Media. Our holistic strategy included storyline development, script guidance, influencer contracting, and oversight of macro-influencers to execute a meticulously targeted media campaign spanning TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. We provided real-time analytics updates, monthly summaries, and a detailed final report outlining CPMs with meticulous precision.

Problem solved: McDonald’s Spotlight Dorado was a new initiative seeking widespread attention for its multi-year platform designed to uplift and highlight Latino voices, starting with the film industry. By creating engaging content, fostering real connections, and embracing digital trends, we helped McDonald’s effectively reach its target audience.

Results: The paid media and organic content campaign garnered over 30 million impressions. Our content resonated profoundly, accumulating over 14 million video views, showcasing the resonance and engagement of our shared messaging. Moreover, our collaborative campaign drove substantial traffic, with over 28k clicks, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategic partnership in capturing audience attention and driving actionable engagement.

Social Media & Content Creation


Project: As the marketing team at Mom Media, we spearhead the development and execution of a comprehensive social media strategy spanning various platforms such as FB, IG, LinkedIn, their website, and the annual Mom 2.0 Summit events, drawing an average of over 1,000 attendees annually. Our tasks encompass content creation, curation, community engagement, trend monitoring, campaign oversight, and online reputation management. Our overarching goal is to enhance mom2.com’s online presence while fostering genuine connections.

Results: Since assuming responsibility for Mom Media’s social media management in 2019, we have witnessed extraordinary growth across platforms, including IG, FB, and LinkedIn, which saw a surge of 2,527.94%. Additionally, our launch of a TikTok account resulted in 31,700 followers, driven by consistently engaging content. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Mom Media seized the opportunity to nurture their online community through webinars, virtual events, and other innovative initiatives.